AiiNTENSE and the Collège de Neurologie d'Ile de France launch NeuroCOVID, a neurological tele-expertise network

Neurocovid tele-expertise service logo

NeuroCOVID: a neurology tele-expertise platform for the management of patients contaminated with COVID-19.

In the current context of the COVID epidemic, hospital neurologists, represented by the Collegiale de Neurologie d'Ile de France, are offering a tele-expertise platform to enable doctors to quickly obtain advice for patients with acute or chronic neurological pathologies that they are treating because they are infected with the new coronavirus.

This service is intended for all doctors, hospital staff, general practitioners or specialists, emergency physicians, internists, respirologists, resuscitators, etc. who are called upon to take charge of a patient with a neurological or chronic pathology in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This tele-expertise platform relies on a permanent on-call team of more than 100 experts who can be contacted 7 days a week (24 hours a day). A collegial opinion, with a neuro-resuscitator and a specialist neurologist is often necessary to assess the stakes of resuscitation in this context of neurological disease. This platform is implemented and managed by the company AiiNTENSE free of charge for the duration of the health crisis. It guarantees the confidentiality and security of data, as well as the traceability of the advisory opinion given to the requesting physician.

Categories of neurological disabilities concerned: neuro-resuscitation, neuromuscular diseases, neuro-vascular diseases, neuro-inflammatory diseases, parkinsonian syndromes, genetic diseases, neurocognitive diseases - dementias, parkinsonian syndromes, demyelinating diseases, neuro-oncological diseases, epilepsy, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, neuro-metabolic diseases, Huntington's disease, brain tumours/radiotherapy, genetic and metabolic diseases

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