A rich ecosystem that allows us to
offer the best

A rich ecosystem that allows us to
offer the best

Ecosystem and partners

We use data and digital technologies to build cognitive assistants.
It is the association with our various partners and doctors that will release energies and save lives.

Incubators, accelerators, clusters and investors

They help us in the creation and development of the business

Health establishments and regulatory bodies

They participate with us in the design and deployment of pilot versions of medical tools and protocols adapted to the clinical use of their teams.
They use our tools in beta versions to innovate in the design and execution of their medical research projects.

Technology Partners

They combine their products and solutions with ours to provide complete, integrated solutions tailored to the needs of our customers.

Digital technology research laboratories

We are attentive to maturing technologies that can bring added value to our solutions, whether in Artificial Intelligence, cyber security, blockchain, big datas or interoperability.