Partnership with the GHU Paris Psychiatry & Neurosciences

GHU Paris and AiiNTENSE have agreed on a partnership for the development of tools for structuring textual data and semantic enrichment of health data warehouses. The "NeuroMonitor" project was born from this partnership.

AiiNTENSE is developing a digital platform called "NeuroMonitor" for medical decision support and patient management (telemedicine) for neurological or post-resuscitation pathologies, using business applications for personalized patient management and Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning technologies.

This partnership will enable GHU Paris Psychiatry & Neurosciences to extract unstructured elements from patient files (hospitalization reports, daily observations, etc.) and to structure them in the Health Data Warehouse so that they can be used in decision support tools and clinical research projects.

The expected benefits are numerous:

The first pathologies covered could be subarachnoid hemorrhage, assessments of consciousness disorders, stroke...

Clinical applications of tele-expertise and tele-CPR using these technologies will be deployed in the intensive care unit and may be offered to other units.

The selection of projects will be done through a steering committee that will guarantee the scientific, ethical and regulatory aspects.

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