Epimed Solutions and AiiNTENSE announce a strategic partnership for the distribution in France of Epimed Solutions' solutions used for quality management and efficiency support in intensive care units.

Epimed Solutions and AiiNTENSE are pleased to announce a strategic partnership to integrate Epimed Solutions' tools into its platform for quality management and efficiency support for intensive care units.

Founded in 2008 by critical care physicians, Epimed Solutions provides the most innovative and proprietary ICU benchmarking and predictive analytics tool. Hospital customers can analyse their patient profiles, as well as improve the efficiency of their ICU and resuscitation departments and the patient experience. This also covers the workload of nurses, based on current patient characteristics and resource utilisation in ICU and ICU.

In May 2021, a partnership was established between Epimed Solutions and AiiNTENSE, whereby the latter became Epimed's sales representative in France. This allows for a wider dissemination of technology and knowledge for French healthcare professionals, providing, among other things, access to the largest intensive care and resuscitation database in the world.

"For AiiNTENSE, the partnership with Epimed Solutions means using tools that are already successful worldwide in the field of technology and quality management, delivering improved performance and efficiency in hospital care and bringing more quality to critical patient care and safety. says Daniel Duhautbout, CEO ofAiiNTENSE

"Epimed Solutions is looking for partners like AiiNTENSE, keen to bring improvements to hospital care with technology such as Epimed Monitor systems. We are very confident in the expansion of customers in France and in the satisfaction that hospitals will have with the use of our products. says Renata Bujokas - International Director of Epimed Solutions

About Epimed Solutions

Epimed Solutions specialises in solutions for clinical and epidemiological data management, aimed at improving the quality and efficiency of hospital services and patient safety. Founded in 2008 by critical care physicians with extensive experience in risk and prognostic studies, Epimed Solutions is the market leader and is present in over 650 hospitals in Europe and Latin America.


AiiNTENSE is a start-up created in the Paris region in October 2018 by doctors and entrepreneurs, co-incubated by Genopole and IMT Starter, and accelerated by Voisin Consulting Life Science, EIT Health and the Nice Côte d'Azur Metropolis. AiiNTENSE received the Deloitte Coup de Coeur Award at the CES in Las Vegas as part of the Bercy-IMT Innovation Prize with the Mines Telecom Foundation. AiiNTENSE develops technological and medical solutions for cognitive assistance for neurologists and intensive care units in hospitals and clinics in order to improve the medical, economic and ethical care of patients.