Press release of 28/04/2020

The ARS Ile de France uses the NeuroCOVID tele-expertise platform to facilitate the care of people with disabilities.

This solution implemented by AiiNTENSE allows doctors to easily request an opinion from more than a hundred experts specialized in the various neurological pathologies and polyhandicap.

The ARS Ile-de-France relied on the NeuroCOVID platform, a tele-expertise platform for the care of patients with disabilities during the COVID19 epidemic period, launched by the college of neurology, in conjunction with the GHU Paris psychiatry & neurosciences. It enables doctors to quickly obtain advice for disabled patients with acute or chronic neurological pathologies (in the broadest sense), particularly those infected with coronavirus. This system was rolled out in response to recommendations made by the Secretary of State to the Prime Minister in charge of the disabled, Sophie Cluzel, to strengthen the policy of access to healthcare for people with disabilities in epidemic periods.

This platform concerns all people with disabilities (including people with multiple disabilities), regardless of their status (COVID+ or COVID-), for whom an expert opinion is required in the context of adapting care. It is aimed at

  • To all care professionals in social medical establishments for the disabled (doctors and IDE) for individual telephone or telemedicine advice to accompany the care of users; and to help - depending on the clinical condition of the users - with their referral: either to hospitalization or to care within the medico-social establishment. The opinion of a neuro-resuscitator or a specialist neurologist is often necessary to assess the issues of resuscitation in this context of neurological disease.
  • To the doctors of the SAMU (emergency medical services) in the Ile-de-France region, in order to provide them with expertise on disability, particularly neurological, in the context of a request for hospitalisation of a COVID+ user with respiratory signs.
  • To liberal professionals who follow people with disabilities at home

If a recommendation is required for an ESMS user (in an institution or accompanied home), the expert physician will send his recommendation (telemedicine solution, secure e-mail...) to the requesting physician who will take care of the prescription. He will generally ensure the link with the coordinating doctor of the establishment and/or the attending physician. Traceability of the opinion issued will be systematic, with archiving in the medical file of the person with a disability.

The platform relies on a permanent on-call team of more than 100 experts who can be contacted 7 days a week (24 hours a day). Access to the platform is free of charge during the COVID19 epidemic phase.

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Speaking ofAiiNTENSE:

AiiNTENSE is a start-up created in the Paris region in September 2018, co-incubated by Genopole® and IMT Starter, accelerated by Voisin Consulting Life Science. AiiNTENSE was awarded the Deloitte Coup de Coeur prize at the CES in Las Vegas as part of the Bercy-IMT Innovation Award with the Mines Telecom Foundation. AiiNTENSE develops technological and medical solutions for cognitive assistance for neurologists and intensive care units in hospitals and clinics in order to improve medical, economic and ethical patient care.

Press contact: Daniel DUHAUTBOUT (CEO) +33 (0)6 85 07 46 47