Two of the founders of the companyAiiNTENSE launch an immunoglobulin-based therapeutic trial against VIDOC-19

Two of the founders of the companyAiiNTENSE, Pr SHARSHAR and Dr MAZERAUD launch a therapeutic trial, ICARThe purpose of this study was to determine whether treatment with intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG), compared to placebo, significantly reduces mortality and the duration of mechanical ventilation in patients with ARDS who require an average of 20 days of ventilatory support. This comparative study is randomized, i.e. the test population is not pre-selected: 63 patients will be treated with placebo and 63 patients will be treated with immunoglobulins.

This therapeutic trial is being conducted with the support of the GHU Paris - Psychiatry and Neurosciences and 32 French centres and services.

Interview of Dr Mazeraud on France Info

Photo of Doctor Aurélien Mazeraud, resuscitator


Photo by Professor Sharshar, neurologist