Press release of 28/12/2019

AiiNTENSE will present at the CES in Las Vegas its prototype of a cognitive assistant for the resuscitation services.

This tool brings increased intelligence to the ICU team promising firstly an improvement in the quality of medical decisions and, in the future, precise and personalized ICU.

AiiNTENSE is one of the 10 startups selected for the Innovation Prize IMT /Bercy to participate from 7 to 10 January 2020 at the CES in Las Vegas, the world's leading innovation event. will therefore AiiNTENSE be present on booth # 50059 to present the first version of its cognitive assistant prototype for intensive care units.

Technology at the service of resuscitation doctors and medical

The aim of resuscitation is to care for patients in critical situations so that they can survive and live in the best possible conditions. However, it faces many challenges, clinical (mainly neurological due to the ageing population with an over-incidence of neurodegenerative or cerebrovascular diseases), ethical and economic.
The collection, validation and sharing of information is crucial to increase knowledge, optimize practices and reduce costs.
The main challenge is the quality of the data used, which isAiiNTENSE guaranteed by a process that integrates, on the one hand, the structuring of relevant data for precision resuscitation and, on the other hand, the continuous validation of these data and the resulting algorithms through a collaborative tele-expertise structure.

The presented prototype gathers in a single interface the relevant clinical data to allow the ICU physician to make a diagnosis, a prognosis and to decide on therapeutic and ethical acts for his patient. This prototype was developed for a representative pathology, that of coma after cardiac arrest, which concerns 150,000 patients in Europe every year.

A collaborative

The project AiiNTENSE is ambitious and requires multiple collaborations with :
- Hospitals to participate in the deployment of the pilot following the prototype
- Technology developers (interoperability, machine learning, cryptography...)
- Medical
research teams - Medical device and health software manufacturers...
The presence at the CES in Las Vegas is an opportunity to establish contacts with these different types of potential partners, but also with the appropriate investors.

AboutAiiNTENSE :
Start-up created in Ile-de-France in September 2018, co-incubated by Genopole® and IMT Starter, AiiNTENSE develops technological and medical solutions for cognitive assistance for intensive care units in hospitals and clinics in order to improve medical, economic and ethical care for patients.

About the founders ofAiiNTENSE :
The team of founders is made up of very complementary profiles:
- Daniel DUHAUTBOUT (CEO), 60 years old, is an ex-IBM, serial entrepreneur, specialist of business development in innovation.
- Philippe Deconinck, 50 years old, is a computer engineer, expert in data intelligence, serial entrepreneur
- Pr Tarek SHARSHAR, 55 years old, head of the resuscitation department at Hôpital Sainte-Anne du GHU Paris is an expert in neuro-resuscitation. He is surrounded by two young intensive care physicians, Dr Aurélien MAZERAUD and Pierre WEILL-RAYNAL, as well as Dr Pierre ROCHETEAU (Dr in Biology, entrepreneur and expert in hospital efficiency).

Press contact: Daniel DUHAUTBOUT (CEO) +33 (0)6 85 07 46 47