Clinical decision support platform and
for medical research in neuroscience
and intensive care

For better management of patients suffering from chronic or acute neurological pathologies or hospitalized in intensive care units

Optimize the medical management, prognostic evaluation and hospital stay of patients by cognitive decision support assistants, tele-expertise services and a platform promoting clinical and neuroscientific research.

Doctors performing CPR on a patient in a neurological ward
Doctors performing CPR on a patient in a neurological ward

Improving the efficiency of expertise and clinical research centers

Assist in the communication and sharing of medical data between research centers and their networks of affiliated healthcare institutions

Doctors performing CPR on a patient in a neurological ward

Our missions

Our goal is to assist physicians in assessing the neurological status of patients, in the quality of prognosis, in decision making and in the therapy to be implemented.

Stethoscope of a doctor

Helping Doctors to devote itself to the medicine

The collection of patient data, with validated quality, in a standardised file, accessible through a dashboard, allows the doctor to devote himself fully to the patient and his proper care.

Icon representing the quality of medical decisions

Quality of medical decisions

We want to provide a solution to the difficulties of medical decision-making in complex cases, where the prognosis is often very difficult. Our network of experts is available 24/7 to assist in the diagnostic, prognostic and follow-up process.

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Increased confidence

Standardize practices with a reliable approach to increase confidence in patient management protocols. These protocols are explained and validated by our network of experts. Our solution also enables complete traceability of medical decisions, thereby reducing the threat of legal proceedings.

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Equal access to health care and medical knowledge

With standardized protocols and access to experts on the one hand, and the completeness of the patient record on the other, we promote equality of care and access to medical knowledge.

Our solutions

D'Open Clinics is a complete software solution for neurologists and intensive care physicians to predict and monitor the neurological status of patients. It includes:

  • collecting patient data through its data extraction, structuring and normalisation technology
  • cognitive assistants for medical decision making resulting from the development of our partners' medical research
  • a tele-expertise and tele-CPR service for personalised patient care.

D'Open Analytics is a suite of technologies for building a multimodal, qualitative, retrospective or prospective, fast and cost-effective database. It includes StruX technology for extracting, structuring and semantising unstructured textual data into a structured and usable database.

e-ParKare revolutionizes the plug in care for patients living with Parkinson's disease Parkinson's disease by integrating all the elements required for personalization. This involves direct assistance to GPs and neurologists, a medical device for capturing the symptoms of the disease, and an innovative organization for assisting doctors and coordinating paramedical staff.

Ecosystem and partners

We use data and digital technologies to build cognitive assistants.
It is the association with our various partners and doctors that will release energies and save lives.

Incubators, accelerators, clusters and investors

Health establishments and regulatory bodies

Technology Partners

Digital technology research laboratories