Epimed monitor

The Epimed monitor ICU system supports improved clinical performance and optimised resource utilisation in ICUs.

Quality and benchmarking

Using the Epimed Monitor ICU database, you can:

  • Improve understanding of your patient profile (range of cases managed)
  • Taking steps to prevent complications
  • Reducing the duration of mechanical ventilation
  • Reducing the length of stay in ICU
  • Optimising resource allocation
  • Improving your efficiency in the ICU
  • Spatient safety
  • Infection control
  • Hospital performance


"We also use the data for future projects, strategies and consultations with policy makers. The Epimed Monitor ICU data is perfect for this, as we can better justify our needs. - Dr. Niels Van Regenmortel ICU Coordinator ZNA Suivenberg
- Dr. Niels Van Regenmortel
coordinator USI ZNA Suivenberg
"I think the Epimed Monitor ICU software is one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful, in terms of reporting and benchmarking.
- Dr. Koen De Decker
ICU doctor OLV Alast
"We are in the middle of an accreditation process and the Epimed Monitor ICU system is an excellent tool for this. In general, Epimed Solutions can contribute to the accreditation process of Belgian hospitals.
- Dr. Alain D'Hondt
Ambroise Paré University Hospital

7 Countries

+650 Hospitals

+1.5K USIs

+13K Beds

+3M Patients

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